Town Councilwoman Sharon Evingham

Town Councilwoman    SHARON EVINGHAM

(Deputy Supervisor)

Contact Information

  • Phone: (585) 928-1860
  • Address: 252 Main St. Bolivar, NY 14715
  • Email:

Term of Office - Committees

  • Term: Elected - 4 years
  • Term ends: December 31, 2019
  • Committee(s):
    • Cemetery Committee
    • Moore Memorial Pool Committee

Among the responsibilities of the Town Council is the management of Maple Lawn Cemetery and The Moore Memorial Pool

The Town Board is the legislative body of the Town of Bolivar. Comprising the Supervisor and four Council members, the Board has the final responsibility for all matters pertaining to the operation of the Town, exclusive of the incorporated village. It exercises this authority in the form of local laws, ordinances and resolutions.